• ShowerFree

    There is a Shower Head in town! It can stick to any smooth surface in just one second. Introducing 'ShowerFree'.

    ShowerFree is the most convenient shower head in the world.
    For Bathing baby, pet, hand-washing cloth, washing hair and many more...

    Various cool features of ShowerFree
    1. Fit your shower head any smooth surface at any desired height.
    - Everyone can enjoy their shower.
    2. Built in water filter system with 2 replaceable filter:
    - Removes rust and impurities of water and improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails.
    3. Micro holes:
    - High pressure, Save water.
    4. On/Off switch
    - Remove the need of reaching to the tap when you are far from it.
    5. Adjustable, Rotatable shower head.
    - 60º Adjustable side/up/down, 360º Rotatable.
    6. High pressure water for cleaning purposes:
    - Extreme pressure for spraying.
    7. Natural negative ions:
    - Relieves stress and fatigue after tiring day.
    8. Material safety certified.
    - No harmful chemical was used to produce ShowerFree.
    9. Silicone suction holder (Made in Korea), Filter (Made in Korea), Shower head (Made in China)
    - High quality.

    ShowerFree Package:
    Shower Head + Holder and 2 pcs filters. (Filters are already in the shower head)


    Filter Package:

    4 pcs up to 4 months usage

    12 pcs up to 1 year usage

      $49.00 Regular Price
      $29.90Sale Price

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