Peanut Shaped Cloth Diaper Insert
  • Peanut Shaped Cloth Diaper Insert

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    To be used with Peanut Shaped Cloth Diaper Cover.

    New Design without velcro for small size, with velcro for large size.


    Size Small : For infant to 7 month. Size Large : For 7 month to toddler.

    Insert is made of 7 layers of 100% Premium Modal Fabric and 1 layer of microfiber.


    Highly breathable with excellence absorbency.

    Unique peanut shape design to ensure maximum comfort for the baby's bottom.

    Prevent diaper rash with long lasting freshness.

    Can be wash with washing machine and dryer.


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    Made in Korea.

    100% Premium Modal Fabric.

    Reusable and earth friendly.

    Easy to wash and dry.



      •All diaper insert to be wash by hand or washing machine before use. Please stick the Velcro cover provided at the back side of diapers insert.

      •For diaper insert with poo, throw away the poo and then rise with running water with a little rubbing.

      •For diaper insert with pee, wash with water first and then soak in the vinegar water for few hours before washing.

      •You can sterilize the diaper insert in hot water.


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