• Embossing Gauze Cotton Handkerchief

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    Mooroo Embossing Gauze Cotton Handkerchief is made of 100% Cotton. Beautiful embossing gauze cotton handkerchief with 14 cute designs to choose from! A versatile product that can be used as a bib, scarf or when feeding or wiping your baby.
    Maternity preparation essentials.


    Available in 5 Pcs/Set.
    Size : 35cm X 35cm.


    Embossing Gauze weaving to ensure smooth and softness with high absorbency.
    General purpose cotton handkerchief.
    Can be used as wash cloth, burp cloth, mouth wash cloth and bib cloth.


    Made in Korea.
    100% Cotton.
    Reusable and earth friendly.
    Easy to wash and dry.

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