Cotton Waterproof Mat
  • Cotton Waterproof Mat

    Mooroo Cotton Waterproof Mat is made of 100% Cotton and Polyester. You will be amazed by the softness, thinness and lightness . A unique waterproof mat that can be used on both sides. Cotton is well known for its softness and absorbency. Waterproof polyester is baby safe and laid in the middle is subject to lesser wear and tear during washing. Furthermore, it drys easily without trapping water. Recommended by most mother to be the best waterproof mat.


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    Available in Medium - 80cm X 65cm and Large - 120cm X 90cm


    Cotton layer for absorbency, Waterproof layer for repellency.

    Can be wash in washing machine. Do not use dryer as it may damage the waterproof layer.


    Made in Korea.
    100% Cotton both sides, center Polyurethane.
    Reusable and earth


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