• Bamboo Silk Comforter Blanket

    Mooroo Bamboo Silk Comforter Blanket is the most soft and smooth comforter blanket your baby have ever touch and feel. The inner layer is made up of Bamboo + Silk which have cooling effect during hot summer weather and warming effect during cold rainy weather. By combining these two materials, it give the baby the best comfortable and cosy feeling ever. This comforter blanket will allow your baby to sleep longer throughout the night because it is weighted. This blanket is durable and grows together with the baby from infant to toddler to preschool. 


    Size: 130cm X 100cm


    100% Bamboo fiber outer cover with 70% Silk + 30% Bamboo fiber inner layer.


    Made in Korea.
    Outer Cover 100% Bamboo fiber, Inner layer 70% Silk & 30% Bamboo fiber.
    Certified by OEKO-TEX that does not contain harmful substance to human.

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      $89.00Sale Price