Baby Bro Gum & Tooth Wipe
  • Baby Bro Gum & Tooth Wipe

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    Baby Bro Gum & Tooth Wipes

    Many of us know that having clean teeth is essential for the well being of our children. Did you know that you can start cleaning and caring for your baby's gums well before their first tooth appears? Clean and healthy gums will help make sure that when their teeth do come through, they will be strong and healthy.

    Well, this is often easier said than done! One of the challenges we face on our crusade for ultimate toothy healthiness is finding the right product.

    Baby Bro Gum & Tooth Wipes are an easy way to help make sure your child has healthy gums and teeth right from the start!

    Completely natural and safe, they are made from 100% cotton. Baby Bro Gum & Tooth Wipes have a gentle texture for effective cleaning and plaque removal. Neutral flavored, they have a pleasant taste thanks to xylitol. Baby Bro Gum & Tooth Wipes are free from fluoride, sugar, parabens and benzoates (of course!). Our wipes are Gamma sterilized and individually wrapped to ensure optimum hygiene.


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    – All natural
    – Pleasant taste
    – 100% pure cotton made in Korea
    – Purified water and Xylitol only

    – Gamma Sterilization

    – No harmful chemical ingredients free
    – Handy 25pcs Individual wrap packing
    – Start using from birth to 6month for young baby.
    – Approved product by KFDA


    Suggested Use

    Directions: Wash your hands! After each feeding time: Wrap one wipe around your finger and use around all surfaces of the gums, teeth, tongue and cheeks. Use immediately after opening sachet and dispose of wipe after one use.


    Other Ingredients

    Purified water, xylitol



    Cautions : 
    1) Do not gargle with water.
    2) Do not throw into the toilet.
    3) Use immediately after opening and do not reuse.
    4) Do not use if there is eczema or scar in mouth or on lips.
    5) If there is abnormality such as swelling, itch or irritation consult doctor.
    6) Do not let the baby chew on the wipe.
    7) Keep out of reach from children.
    8) Avoid high temperature and damp place, keep away from direct sunlight.
    9) Do not use for other purposes besides the intended usage.
    10) Spots occasionally seen on the wipe are parts of the ingredient that might appear during the manufacturing of cotton.
    11) If you discover any abnormality while opening the package, please do not use and contact us.


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