Our Story

Hello. Welcome to AGI SARANG SINGAPORE. We are so glad that you are here.

We are a married couple, Jeong Yu Seon and Vincent Kuang, the founder of Agi Sarang. The word 'Agi' represent 'Baby' and 'Sarang' represent 'Love' in Korean and by combining them together will form 'Baby Love'. Why this name you may ask. Well,  we have a lovely baby girl, Megan, who was born on April 2017 and as a parents ourselves, we would like to provide her with the best baby care and products.


We went into a research frenzy when we found out that we are expecting a baby.  After we have compiled a list of 'must buy and try' baby products and discovered that most of our listed products are either from Korea or Made in Korea. We are puzzled by why Korean baby products are so popular now and so we did further research on that. We found out that baby products in Korea must meet and pass stringent tests and regulations before they are allow to sell in the local market. Some of these standards even surpass of those in the European and American standards. With these assurance, we feel safe to use these products on our baby. 

However, it is near impossible to find those listed Korean made baby products in Singapore. They are either sold online by an unreliable source or with a ridiculous price tag. We have decided to made a trip down to Korea to attend the biggest baby show 'BeFe' to search for the listed products. 


One of the popular products in the list is the reusable Peanut Shape Diaper by Mooroo. Reusable diapers in Korea is popular as it reduce wastage and is earth friendly. This is one of the reason why disposable diapers are not popular there. Mooroo brand is not made popular by marketing or advertising, but by word of mouth and the positive reviews by moms and moms-to-be. This means that the products by Mooroo is proven to be truth, good and selling at a reasonable price. So we decided to meet the director, Mr Kim. and negotiate a deal to become a distributor and to bring Mooroo products into Singapore so that the parents here will be able to enjoy the same quality products. In the future, we will be bringing in more Korean made products and our aim is to improving parenting life one product at a time.

Once again, thank you for reading our story and hope that this inspire you to make better decisions when buying baby products.